It is early in the morning,and you are just back from your exhilarating morning run. While having coffee in a roadside café, enjoying the sun, would you be okay if you decide to go meet a friend without changing?

Or what if you are getting late for a casual dinner and drinks with friends after work and you still had to hit the gym? Will you drop the workout altogether because you know there will be no time changing into casual wear after gym?

These scenarios mess up your workout routine and leave you with the hardest decision of all, and that is, dropping the gym! You don’t have to do that anymore. With all the weird things becoming a fashion statement these days (believe me!);thankfully, someone normalized wearing workout clothes to a casual party.

But wait! Don’t just enter a party with your sweats or joggers on without making some teeny tiny tweaks to turn all heads to the perfect workout body that just walked in!

Let us introduce you to the athleisure trend!

What is athleisure?

With the catchiest (and probably the most comforting) slogan, “Leggings are the new denim,” the CEO of Nike had changed horizon of athletic wear forever. It took time, but the concept sunk in deep into the street fashion around the world.

It also resonated with the exaggerating need of working out in men and women and how thecelebrities endorse going to the gym and maintaining a lithe figure. They are seen posing wearing their gym attires in casual places; thus, boldly making athleisure a fashion statement.

We all love to follow celebrities, don’t we? Check out these absolutely fabulous celebs making fashion statements with their workout gears. Thanks to these and a lot of endorsements from the sportswear companies, you can turn your workout outfit easily into casual outfits.

  1. A smart leather bag

Always keep a smart leather handbag, be it a crossbody handbag or a simple one, in your gym backpack because you never know where life can take you. This simple piece of accessory is an essential element that turns your workout gear into stylishand chicattire in seconds.

Now, never waste time to go home and change into your party clothes.

  1. Trendy crop top

Crop top always comes to the rescue. It is more like when in doubt, wear a block colored crop top and you are good to go. Grab your favorite crop top and stuff it in your gym backpack so that whenever you want to go places right after the gym, you do not have to worry about going home and changing.

A crop top also brings out the slim, toned figure that you work out extensively for. So, why not show off how working out has been paying you off! Pull a crop top over your sweatpants and rock the athleisure fashion.

Added bonus: you’d walk out of the gym like a celebrity!

  1. Leather jacket

A good quality womens real leather jacket is essentiality for your wardrobe. A good quality, chic and stylish leather jacket can turn any outfit of yours into a classy yet minimal one.

Grab a leather jacket, Brando quilted or a zipped one, and throw it over your sweats. With stylish sports joggers and a classy set of shades, you are good to go to a party with friends or casualdining out.

  1. Denim front buttoned shirt

This essential accessory is the simplest thing that you can add to your gym or workout outfit. Just remember to take a simple denim front open shirt with your gym things, and voila; you’ve got that edgy look everyone is craving for these days.

Loose front open shirts go fabulously with slim fitted sweatshirts and pants. The shirt enhances and accentuates your figure. It flaunts your toned body.

Throw in a pair of flip-flopsor some other casual pair of shoes, and your look is complete.

  1. Leather boots

This might be one of the hardest one to pull off as leather boots and sweatpants are quite unheard of. Yet, if you’ve got a beloved pair of sexy leather boots, and you are a hard party kind of a person, don’t forget to pack your leather boots to the gym.

Brown or black suede leather boots go almost perfectly with grey or black sweatpants. Just remember to add in two or more of the above essentials to complete your transformation to a casual outfit. Throw in the stylish yet practical leather bag and combine it with a leather jacket or a denim shirt.

Last word

Hope these essentials make you the most stylish one at the party or dine out even after a hard day at the gym. As there cannot be anything definitive in fashion, feel free to add in any other essential item that you think should be on the list. Do let us know what else can be added in the comments.

Happy styling!

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