A birthday is a special moment for you are or your best friend, you want to make sure you choose the perfect gift. Of course, you are probably tired of giving funny gifts and want to give something different and funky. Here is a look at 8 funny gift ideas for friends that will surely please the person you are buying. Using one of these gift ideas as a gift will be a great success.

  1. Laptop skin

Does your friend own a laptop? If so, the idea of a funky birthday gift is a laptop skin. Nowadays you can buy leather for laptops that take them from the prostitute to the magnificence. The skin can be customized and come in different colors with all kinds of different themes. No matter what a person really likes, they will make sure to find an aspect that matches their tastes and personality.

  1. Make a simple movie

Another incredible idea would be to make a movie. Making a movie is very easy, the program is easily available, you can take pictures on your mobile phone, simply put them together, add music and everything is fine.

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  1. Belt

Belts come in many varieties, including leather for men and others handmade for girls with normal or stylish buckles. Get a special one for a birthday and make sure it matches with their dresses.

  1. Handmade Tie

While relationships have become a funny gift captured by most parents, with the art tie collection, you can design your own tie to present them. For a funky gift, you can use some funny colors and paint to design a work of art on a tie. Write a good message for your friend on the tie.

  1. Buzzer recycled glass feeder

Are you looking for a funky gifts for friends who enjoys nature? If so, you will find that the feeders for recycled glass hummingbirds offer beautiful gifts that you will definitely love. They are also friendly to the environment. These nutrients are beautiful and they use hand-blown glass made from recycled glass.

  1. Antique lamp

Buy an old lamp in a craft store and put a light bulb in it, and one of your loved ones will appreciate it as funny gift ideas for friends and hang it in a convenient place.

  1. Recipe notebook

For a person who enjoys cooking, the folder is a funky birthday gift. This allows them to take their own recipes and put them in the book so they can be stored well.

  1. Teddy bears

Teddy bears are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Several options include different sizes of bears and bears with hundreds of fabrics to choose from. You can choose the type of doll that suits the taste of birthday people. You can request it online from a real website that includes a free greeting card with your personal message plus a bear.


Therefore, these funny gifts for friends birthday will help you to leave a long character in your friend without carrying too much in your pocket.

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