Are You Willing to Fast Track Your Career Growth Jordan the City of Opportunities


Jordan is located on the east banks of the Jordan River, houses ancient monuments, seaside resorts, and nature reserves. The economy of Jordon is the smallest among all the Arab states. Investors are attracted towards Jordan to hire labors available in the nation.

The country has major tourist destination spots in great number attracting a large number of tourists every year creating huge job opportunities in Jordan for the hotel management graduates. Due to its world-class medical facilities, a large number of medical tourists are also attracted towards the country for taking the benefits of the healthcare sector. And this, in turn, generates job opportunities in the healthcare industry for doctors, nurses etc. So if you are keen towards making your career in Jordan, read the article till the end.

Exciting industries in Jordan offering employment opportunities to the candidates

  • Healthcare sector
  • Transportation sector
  • Tourism industry
  • Education sector
  • Hospitality industry
  • The construction industry and many more.

How to get jobs in Jordan

There are different approaches to find and get jobs. But you need to have proper CV/resume for every method highlighting skills, qualifications, strengths, and experience if any. Following are the ways as mentioned below:

  • Word of mouth or references.
  • Applying directly to the company my mailing your CV if you are a fresher and resume if you are experienced.
  • The traditional method, classified section of the newspaper to get the job in your locality.
  • Registering for job portals and uploading your credentials on the job portal. Start your job search considering many factors like skills, location to get jobs in Qatar. Keeping yourself updated regularly is the key to success. There are some leading job portals which help candidates in getting jobs:
  • Indeed
  • Monstergulf
  • LinkedIn
  • Bayt and many more.

Job opportunities

There are large numbers of job opportunities in Jordan. Following is the list stating about the jobs in Jordan:

  • With the construction of sky-high buildings like Burj Khalifa which is one of the greatest examples to showcase the immense growth of Middle East, which is done with the help of large number labors, civil engineers, architects which creates many jobs for job seekers
  • Construction of bridges, dams, tall buildings etc makes this industry very booming. This sector requires a combination of workers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and architect
  • Healthcare industry requires professionals which makes medical equipment. They also have doctors, nurses, and others which in turn generates jobs for them
  • Transportation industry generates a large number of vacancies for job seekers
  • Travel and tourism industry is thriving and growing at a very faster rate and the demand of job seekers, those who are looking for a job in this sector have a very bright future as they are offered with attractive salary package with other benefits
  • The country also has reserves of Uranium which in turn offers jobs to many job seekers
  • Apart from this some technical jobs like IT jobs, non-technical jobs like HR jobs, jobs for the chef (is in huge demand), teachers and many others.

Why choosing Jordan over other countries

Expats are lured towards working in Jordan as there are various benefits associated with working in the city.

  • Great compensation.
  • Provides accommodation to the workers.
  • A good place to work.
  • Offers different benefits which include paid holidays, attractive perks, and medical benefits.
  • Different type of insurance plans is covered by the employers etc. which proves to be beneficial especially if you are an expat then it becomes an attractive package to do jobs in Jordan.

So if you are a job seeker and willing to relocate to Jordan the follow the tips to get jobs in Jordan faster.

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