Leukaemia refers to a cancer that takes place in the blood cells. It tends to emerge in the bone marrow. You can refer them as the soft tissues inside the bones. They go on to produce abnormal blood cells termed as leukaemia cells. The worst part is that these abnormal blood cells tend to grow at a much faster pace than the normal blood cells. They are not going to stop when it is supposed to do so. You can classify this disorder into a couple of types. But you can go on group them into two major ones.

The acute versions of it are bound to become worse over a certain passage of time. This is going to make you feel sick at the very moment. On the other hand the chronic versions may emerge slowly and it does take several years for the symptoms to be seen as well. On the other hand the lymphatic leukaemia goes on to have an impact on the white blood cells.

As far as the exact cause of this disorder is concerned, it is still not clear on the precise reasons behind it. They go on to include

  • There are certain form of genetic disorders which go on to increase the chances of the same
  • An individual who is exposed to higher levels of radiation. For example nuclear reactor would be a prime example
  • Exposure to chemicals like benzene
  • If there does arise viral infections
  • Tobacco use and smoking is associated with the acute versions
  • People who are prone to medical conditions
  • If the disorder runs in your family


In order to prevent the occurrence of this disorder there is no fixed pattern, as one can reduce the risk by

  • It is better to avoid high doses of radiation
  • Be physically active and increase in the intake of proper nutrition
  • Reduction of exposure to harsh chemicals
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol

With regards to the leukaemia treatment in India you can say that it is highly variable. When it is the slow version of it, you can confer the fact that constant monitoring would be needed. As far as the advanced versions of the treatment are concerned you would need doses of chemotherapy and this has to be followed by transplants and radiation. Though the treatment is bound to be influenced by the extend, type and stage of the disease you find yourself at. In fact the chances of recovery are a lot easier when you detect it at an early stage. But with cancer healer therapy you can go on to treat it even if the cancer has gone on to spread to the advanced stages. With traditional therapies you can go on to use various other types of cancer treatment. Do consider the fact that you need to take an active role in the treatment of cancer. This is going to have a positive impact on your health and for sure the quality of life will improve considerably.

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