Deep Sea Fishing in Lagos, Portugal for Tourists

The Algarve region has been a popular fishing area since the medieval times in Portugal. In the present day, you can find the modern fishermen settlement near most of the sea costal fronts of Algarve. The Lagos is an important tourists spot to take sea adventure tour once in Portugal. The Shark Fishing Lagos is permissible for any tourists by paying fishing license fee. The Lagos adventure tour operates is present near the sea beaches. They take you to the deep sea for angling. The Algarve fishing trips are day tour. It is advisable to book a Lagos Portugal fishing trip or boat fishing tour. You can buy fishing tackle from the shops near to the beach.

Where to do Fishing in Deep Sea from Lagos?

The fishing boat will start from Lagos and go inward up to 10-miles to reach the deep sea. Your boat may travel up to Sagres costal area to find the sharks. This is the place, where the Atlantic Ocean is more active with sharks and other species of fishes. The experienced fisherman will take you according to his experience and knowledge about the sea moments. They will find the right place by checking the flow of upward ocean current. They gather information from the professional fisherman and by watching for the group of fish above the sea. You can catch other fishes too apart from shark.

Major Fishes you can find in the Deep Sea from Lagos

The Algarve region in Portugal is famous for shark fishing. Lagos is the popular spot to venture for sea fishing by tourists and fishing enthusiast. A tourist who does not know much about fishing can also take fishing activity in Lagos. The tour operator will give proper instruction to do angling from the boat.

  • Bream fish
  • Blue shark
  • Corvina fish
  • Conger fish
  • Dolphin fish
  • Golden fish
  • Hammer head shark
  • Tuna fish
  • Sea bream fish
  • Shortfin Mako Shark

Shark Fishing Lagos not only gets a chance to catch the sharks. You will also get the above-motioned sea fishes by angling. The fishing in Lagos for the tourists is for sea adventure and as leisure activity. You must release the fish alive without harming them. A full briefing about the fishing rules for the tourist will be explained before venturing in to the sea.

It is advisable to read some sea-fishing guide before booking Shark Fishing Lagos. You can book an all-inclusive fishing trip in Lagos, Portugal. This will include food, drinks, life jacket and a professional angler as guide and instructor. You must compare the price with online booking and with the local adventure tour operators in Lagos. You must check for what is inclusion and exclusion in those fishing packages. This is a day tour, and you must reach the boarding point a thirty minutes before. Portugal is a tourist friendly nation in Europe. You will get an English-speaking guide too.

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