Winter is almost around the corner. So it is time for all the men out there to start thinking about how to choose the perfect thermals for them. Choosing the perfect pair of thermals will keep you warm while wicking away the sweat at the same time.

Layering is the best way to protect your body from the extreme cold temperature during winter. The base layer is the closest to your body. Once you have chosen the perfect base, then you will have nothing to worry about. Now even mens plus size thermal underwear is also easily available.

Few advantages of picking the correct base layer are:

  • Sweat wicking
  • Getting comfort without losing the appeal of your clothing
  • You can move freely even during outdoor activities
  • Can also be worn in layers that improves insulation of the thermals as more air is trapped using several thin layers instead of a single bulky layer.
  • It also provides potential energy saving at home as you don’t have to turn up the thermostat to keep yourself warm.

When you want to buy best thermals for cold weather india, you don’t want to compromise with its performance, durability and comfort.

Fitting Thermals

The perfect fitting thermals will support but not constrict. Thermal underwear mainly functions as a second skin by creating an insulating layer between your body and the fabric. In winter snuggle fitting thermal underwear traps the heat that is generated by your body and enhances comfort.

Fabric of the Thermal

Different types of fabric weight offer different advantages. General guides for men to choose the right fabric are:

  • Ultra-light weighted thermals those are suitable for mild to cool conditions.
  • Light-weighted thermals are preferable in moderately cold weather and for those involved in high level of aerobic activities.
  • Mid-weighted thermals are suitable for moderately cold weathers to extreme cold weathers. These fabrics are mostly versatile and can be easily worn by those involved in outdoor activities.
  • Heavy-weighted thermals are perfect for extreme cold and frigid temperatures when you need more warmth to regulate your body temperature. They are suitable for winter sports in snow.

Common fabrics are:

The material of the thermal that you choose has to be luxuriously soft yet extraordinarily strong to keep up with whatever weather conditions you face.

  • Synthetic thermals– It is specially made and the best thermals for the extreme cold temperatures. Polyester, lycra, spandex and nylon are frequently combined with other natural fibres to provide the right insulation.
  • Wool thermals– Merino wool a natural fibre balances your body temperature and provides a good insulation.
  • Silk thermals: Silk is the best and light weighted option for moderate cold weather activities. Silk gives a soft texture without adding bulk.
  • Cotton thermals– Unlike synthetic fabric, silk or merino wool, cotton always retains moisture from the body. It leaves you feeling wet, clammy and chilled. In spite of the affordable price, cotton is the least preferred option for thermal underwear comfort.

So, the warmth to weight ratio of the synthetic fabrics like polyester or acrylic are 3-8 times higher than knitted or  woven fabrics like cotton or wool.

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