In modern terms, a relationship can be defined as a “blessing in disguise”. The perks of being in a relationship are not clear at the very start of the love journey, but as time flies you get to grow closer and discover the purpose of being together.

But, do you know what the secret to a healthy relationship is? The answer is simple. A healthy relationship is curated with bits of trust, honesty, faith and love.

Well, these are the simple and basic ingredients to a happy relationship. Alternatively, there are several other constituents that are essential in order to create a happy life. Read on to understand the “whole nine yards” of a happy relationship.


Communication is a real key to a happy and healthy relationship. Communicating doesn’t always mean talking on the phone and sharing your thoughts in terms of text messages. But, communication necessarily means engaging in a meaningful talk with each other irrespective of time and distance.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a long-distance relationship. But the thing that actually matters is the time you both contribute to your relationship and the time you give each other. This is the only aspect of turning your relationship into a healthy one.


Understanding is the most important ingredient for a happy and healthy relationship. You may who your partner, but keep one thing in mind that you are not from his family. Both of you are different from each other in terms of thinking and mentality.

Therefore, you need to spend time with each other in order to know each other in a better way. Know how your partner will react to a particular situation, understand how your boon companion will act when he meets your parents, and acknowledge your partner’s method to the madness. When you start understanding you soulmate completely, no one can stop you from living a beautiful life. “Every cloud has a silver lining” – as the old saying goes.


You need to get a clear aspect of the fact that everyone is not the same. Therefore, respecting your partner’s feelings with patience is the key to a healthy and contented relationship. Remember “action speaks louder than words”. Thus, dealing with every situation with patience is the ultimate way to take your relationship to the next level.

Learn how to avoid a fight and resolve things mutually. Always think before you react. When you remain calm and handle things with patience, things will resolve “at the drop of a hat”.

Personal Space

Personal space is the actual foundation for a healthy and jovial relationship. Your relationship costs an arm and a leg. Therefore, in order to build a happy relationship, you need to master the art of giving each other personal space.

Spending time apart from each other is as important as spending time with each other. But, do not indulge in the process too much so that the other person learns to live on their own comfort. Therefore, keeping a healthy balance between things is necessary.

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