In the majestic Morocco, the four mount ranges counting the ATLAS high Mountain chain and the RIF mountain range, deliver an outstandingchance for those who relishwalking, hiking and climbing. Altogether of them are reachable to people in decent physical condition. Possibly the most prevalentare Le Deren, in the High Atlas. Definitemountaintops of the High Atlas remain snow-capped through the year.

Of all the mountain athleticexperienced in Morocco, trekking (on foot or by ski) is one of the greatestconducts to escalate this vast and little-visited zone. The mountains are good-looking and desolate, yet they are well organized for walkers with competent guides, a good system of protections for night stopovers, leasing of pack mules and cross-kingdom bikes.


Morocco tourist attractions, those who love to surf can boundlessly indulge their preference. They can be approved along by the Atlantic surfs or the trade breezes, glide on the snow-whitehills of the Atlas Mountains or the sandbanks of the south.


Each kind of water sport is provided for on the amazing Atlantic and Mediterranean coast – Most the guesthouses on the shoreline offer anextensive range of water sporting: surfing, windsurfing, maritime& yachting, canoeing, propelling, waterskiing, scuba jumping and deep sea fishing.

Jetski Federation in Casablanca

Royal Moroccan Yacht Club in Rabat

Royal Moroccan Water Skiing

Royal Moroccan Sailboat Federation in Rabat

Things to do in morocco


In Morocco, tennis is played on clay courts. Challenging and exciting play can be found at all major resorts where tennis is a very popular sport.


There are many chances for fishing in the noiseless waters of the rivers and lagoons throughout the country and healthy as deep sea fishing.

Trout fish is very tasty and can be fished in the beautiful wadis and more thought-provoking in the gorges. Pike,perch, roach, carp, eel’s, black bass, and barbels are plentiful in the lakes (the season generally being from May – June according to species).

Bonitos, sea perch, mullet, chad and sea bream are abundant in the Oceans. Several ports are equipped for deep sea fishing, for example,Sakhla in the Sahara and Mohammedia near Casablanca, where you can go out and fish for tuna, swordfish, marlin, grouper, and barracudas.

Horse Riding

Morocco is aperfect country for horse fans. The dominant riding centers can be originated in Meknes, Fez, Oujda, Ouirgane,Rabat, Casablanca, Agadir, and the beautiful Tangier.


Golf was primaryfamiliarized into Morocco at the commencement of the century – even before football – and has since progress a countrywide passion in Morocco. Major opposition’sappeal golfers from all over the world, the most well-known being the annual Hassan II Trophy is frolicked at Royal Golf Club, Dar Es-Salam at Rabat.

Golf fanatics can enjoy outstanding courses in Tangier, Casablanca, El Jadida, Marrakesh, Ouarzazate, Agadir, Cabo Negro, Fez, Meknes, Ben Slimane, Mohammedia,and Rabat.

Aerial Sports

There are numerousaero clubs in Morocco where you can indulge in Flying, free-falling, ULM, slithering, Delta plane, free-fallgliding, and hot air ballooning.

Everybody in Morocco these days, from diversionpresses to artists, children to ancestors even Muslim Imams like SheikhNahari, well express ofthe locallanguage of sports. BadouZaki, the preceding goalie and coach said, “When the Moroccan Nationwide Soccer Team mislays a match, all the people in the in Morocco is sports skilled!”


Morocco showscrowd to some of the utmost international competitions; including the Paris-Dakar and Atlas Rallies. There are thousands of kilometers of pathways giving fanatics a wide assortment of tasks. You can select from minute “quad” to the weighty long chassis four helm drive, with or deprived of thedriver. Contact a travel agent or a car rental company.

“The Relationship Raid” is exposed to motorbikes and originate wheel drives, consecutively from Tangier to Rabat and journey the Atlas Mountains and the Western Sahara. It is not in contradiction of the clock and it is aperfect opportunity to meet and get to distinguish other like-minded people.Moroccans have a singular love of sports, soccer in precise, and a liking for sports science which permits them to examine teams and instrument their strengths and faintness. Fans are caught speaking with the same professional as authorities:

“We engaged a contract with a trainer who has no experience with Nationwide teams, why would we do that?” enquiredKhadija, a high school student. Moroccan philosophy is extremelyspoken; people take thetime to oppositeevery day and exchange ideas, with sports being the dominant topic of discussion. The multiculturalism of Moroccan society means there is a global sports philosophy, with Moroccans subsequent European and Latin American soccer teams also.

Studies have revealed that ninety percent of Moroccans watch soccer competitions at cafes. This communalsingularityjustifies the consideration of a countrywide anthropologist. What is the connection between cafes and sports? Which originates first: the acceptance of teashops or the acceptance of inspecting sports in a group? Whatever the derivation, the cafe/sports communication is an essential and unique aspect of Moroccan culture.

Before the conclusive Gabon competition at the African Cup of Nations, operators used to support the team. But after the squadmislaid, these identical social media locations were used to condemn the Department of Sporting and Moroccan Football Federation. Likewise, preceding to the damage, newspapers represented the Moroccan National Team as supermenand able to success the cup. But after the conquest, the newspapers inscribedfuriously against the companies, the coach, and Morocco’s Football Federation.

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