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Chocolates are something which most people love.

In order to send chocolates by post one can go for a basket of assorted chocolates for their near and dear ones.


The cacao beans can either be raw or can be roasted. The whole cacao is the whole bean and the4 cacao nibs are crunched up pieces of the bean, on the other hand, a ground cacao is the powdered version of it. It is the healthiest form of chocolate but it tastes quite bitter.

Chocolate Liquor

It is the base of the most of the types of chocolates formed by the grinded cacao into a smooth paste. This form of liquor contains about 53 percent of cocoa butter or fat.

Unsweetened Chocolate

In this case, the chocolate liquor is allowed to cool and harden. This chocolate is mainly used for baking and also to prepare other types of chocolates. Most of the bakers prefer this type of chocolate when it comes to baking because they have more control over the sweetness and flavour.

Bittersweet Chocolate

These chocolates contain at least 35 percent of chocolate liquor along with some cocoa butter and very little amount of sugar. The bitter sweet chocolates and the semi sweet chocolates are mostly the same and they are commonly known as dark chocolates. They are mostly made with sweetened cocoa liquor and it does not have any cocoa butter.

Sweet Chocolate

The sweet chocolates contain at least 15 percent of chocolate liquor along with some cocoa butter and sugar in varied amounts. They can be bitter sweet or can just be sweet depending on the amount of sugar used in it.

Milk Chocolates

They contain the least amount of chocolate liquors (not more than 10 percent) and cocoa butter along with high amount of sugar. The other important ingredient without which this variety of chocolate is incomplete is condensed milk or milk powder. This is the main ingredient of milk chocolate and the rich creamy taste is the most popular among children.

Research reveals that, eating more than 45 grams of chocolate per week can decrease the tendency of stroke in a female body. This is because chocolates contain flavonoids which help to reduce this tendency due to the presence of anti oxidants in it. If one is a regular chocolate eater, go for dark chocolates.  Research says that if you consume around 7 grams of dark chocolate everyday it helps to keep the blood inflammatory proteins away from your body. Do you know what is the most delicious way to stay away from cough and cold? Well, the answer is chocolates. Theobromine is present in chocolates that reduces cough. Consumption of chocolates can also prevent blood clots in a human body.  For the chocolate eaters, blood platelets clump together slowly reducing the risk of heart attacks.

To send chocolates online one can order chocolates from online websites and most of these websites have delivery services as well. So you can surprise anyone by sending them their favourite chocolates.

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