Secrets to Organizing Your Work Space Without Spending a Dime

Some people can work in an unorganized workstation, while others, they dread on cluttered space. If you are the type of person who loves to work in an organized work space, then this article could be of help.

Tips for Employees

You may get too busy with your work duties that you no longer have the time to organize your office desks. The result?Clutters here and there.Clutters everywhere. Your pens may be hanging at the corner of your desk, antiquated post-it notes still posted on corkboard, and other unnecessary materials on top of your table. This scenario is very common in busy workplaces. If you want to have a breather from your unorganized office desk, then it is high time that you work on it. It should not take you an hour to do it if you will be doing it correctly.

Below are some tips on how you can effectively and conveniently manage and organize your office desk and office equipment in your workspace.

Remove all the things on top of your desk. Your first step is to remove all the stuff and items found on top of your desk, just leave the heavy materials like your computer. The reason for this is to do the organizing from scratch. It is also advisable to take photo of your desk prior to removing all the items.

Throw away the things you don’t need. After removing all the items from your desk, it is time to have a quick inventory of your office belongings. Categorize the items into three: for keeping, for disposal, and for transfer.

Discriminate the items. All the things you still need, keep it. The things you no longer need put them in the trash bin. Lastly, the items that should not be on your desk transfer them to another space like filing cabinet.

Re-organize your desk. After getting hold of the items that should remain on your desk, arrange them on your desk. Keep the items that you frequently use near you, items like pens, stapler, post-in notes, notebook, and other similar items. It is advisable to put these items inside a cup or organizer so they will not be cluttered and easily get lost.

Place other items inside desk drawer. If the office desks in your office have drawers in them, take advantage. Place some of the items that you don’t always use inside the drawers so they will not clutter on your desk. This will make your desk look more neat and organized.

Compare the before and after. After re-organizing your office desk, take a picture of it and compare that with the photo you took prior to the clean-up. You should notice significant changes in the organization of your desk.

Tips for Employers

Employees should not be the only who should take time to organize their desks and office equipment. Employers, on the other hand, should also make conscious effort to make their workplace more organized. Below are some of the tips employers can do to make their office more conducive for work.

Initiate a company policy or program that will motivate employees to keep their workstations organized. Conduct a short workshop or seminar on how to efficiently organize office workstations.  Also, ask employees to organize their workstations to avoid workplace accidents like trip and fall. Ultimately, include in the employee handbook tips and guidelines on how to properly organize office workstations

Employers play a vital role in keeping their workplace neat and organized. They should take this matter seriously because some workplace. Keep in mind: the more organized your desk and workspace are, the more efficient you could be.

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