Slay this winter like a diva

Winter is a great season. It is the perfect time to spend quality time with your friends and family. Most of us prefer wearing our comfiest pyjamas and binge watch movies all day. It is the perfect weather to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. We all love winter except when we have to go outside. Getting dressed to go outside in winter can be pretty confusing. It gets worse when we have to get dressed for college or work. While Netflix and chill sounds like a great date, going outside with your loved ones is better. The whole world seems to be celebrating Christmas or Thanksgiving and even Valentine’s Day.  Here are a few interesting ways to spice up your winter and go outside looking like a diva.

  1. The flirty look

If you stay in extremely cold places, you can wear a woollen dress with long snow jacket. They look very pretty and keep you nice and warm. Also wear warm tights and long boots. They look very good and they are comfortable. You could also wear thermal pants instead of tights. This way you can pull of pretty outfits for colleges and dates. Accessorize with colourful beanies and mufflers. You can also replace the dress with a pretty woollen crop top and high waist skirt.

  1. The nerdy look

Wear colourful and warm sweaters over a white collared shirt. You could either wear denim pants or a warm skirt with tights under it to pull of this look. Also wear boots with this look. You can accessorizethis look by wearing a long simple chain with big pendants. Beanies and earmuffs also look great with this look. You could also wear large nerdy glasses to pull of the perfect nerdy look. This look also suits perfectly for college.

  1. The funky diva look

Wear bright coloured sweaters with funky prints to add a touch of fun to the gloomy winter. There are several cute prints such as owls and scooters available in abundance in stores all around us. Team this up with any kind of warm black pants. This outfit is a perfect winter college look. You could wear winter boots to complete this look. Accessorize this look by wearing thin silver or rose gold chocker.

  1. The college diva look

Wear woollen light coloured tops and team it up with a nice winter jacket. Wear thick denim skin tight jeans to complete this look. You could either wear a denim jacket, bomber jacket or a trench coat to complete this look. There are quite a lot of great places to buy winter jackets India. From high fashion brands to simple hand knit sweaters, there are a wide range of jackets available in India. Accessorize this look with a classic black thin choker to complete this look. Sneakers look really great when paired with this look. This look is known to be a tom boy’s favourite.

Winter shouldn’t be the reason to run back to boring sweaters and cosy pyjamas when we leave the house. It’s time to slay the winter with bright and happy colours. Dressing up can make you feel more confident and happy. It even keeps you active during the winter. Use these techniques to put together the perfect outfits to go outside this winter.

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