Jeans are almost every woman’s staple, without a doubt! And that is probably the reason why you have so many jeans varieties in your wardrobe. Although there is no dearth of jeans’ colours in the market, women these days show special fondness towards white jeans. Everything about a pair of white jeans is fashionable. The kind of versatility it has got and the amount of elegance it oozes out are simply unmatched. But a lot of people don’t know how to style their white denim.

While some feel the white colour is absurd for a pair of jeans, others have the notion that white jeans are difficult to complement with other clothing items. But if you have some sense of fashion, then you will certainly know that these are myths about white jeans. All you need is a little knowledge of colour compatibilities, and you can style your white denim in the best way possible. If you are still feel confused as to which top wear should be teamed with a pair of white jeans, then the following guide will certainly help you. Have a look-

  • The first and most important idea is to go for something extremely energetic for the top wear. The reason why this is required is that white jeans have a very subtle feel to them and that is why when something distinctly vibrant is paired with them, the total effect you get proves to be awesome. Now, what do we mean by vibrant? By vibrant, we mean something that catches attention wither with its details or its colour. Colour is more important because vibrancy in colour can make a top look extremely playful, even when it is in some subtle design.
  • A great way to style your white jeans would be with a tunic, having busy patterns. So, what makes this outfit appealing is the contrast in design that gets reflected through it. While the top looks busy, the bottom wear looks simple and subtle. You can go for any kind of design but tribal prints as something that women love these days. So, you can go for them for that much needed energetic feel.
  • Go for a red crop top to look like a complete diva. And no, we are not joking. The effect that a pair of white jeans teamed with red top oozes out is simply worth taking note of. There is no restriction on the kind of top you choose. For instance, you can go for a stretchable top as well as a baggy one- the fit doesn’t really matter. The design also doesn’t impact the overall look. For instance, you can go for a red top with black polka dots on it or you can go for a red top with infused white details in it or you can simply go for a plain red top for a minimal effect. No matter what kind of red top you have chosen to wear with your white jeans, you are going to rock the look.

Now you know in how many different ways you can wear a pair of white jeans. So, what makes you wait? Pick some really good tops to go with your white jeans and cause some serious rubbernecking among people. For best buys, you can always check out

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