In this article, we have some places where you can enjoy your vacation and feel the beauty of nature as snowfalls or hill if you have planned your vacation to see snowfalls outside the country so just think once you can have this experience this experience from our own country. Because India is that place of the world which is home of lot of natural beauty and variant cultures on one land. Here are some best places for snowfalls.


It is known as the capital for winter sports. Because this is perfect place to see snow falls, where the (HPTDC) Himachal Pradesh tourism development corporation will provide you all the equipment’s for skiing and a professional guide to visit over there. It is the hill station of himachal Pradesh around sixteen kilometers to it. And this is that place after visiting there you will never plan to go outside the country to enjoy your vacation. If you are a family and this will give you a nature national park which is very delightful for your certainly you and your family is going to have memorable days here.


It is a beautiful place to see the snow falls it is also located in Himachal Pradesh on the banks of Beas Rivers, at an altitude of 1230 meters, however it is the paradise of nature lover’s. And if you are visiting from Delhi so bus service is operated, which will take one day for your trip. And for shopping Kullu shawls are very famous here which are made of many natural fibers. And definitely you will love this place.


Visitors have given many names to this place Jammu and Kashmir as they see the beauty of this state. Some like Switzerland of India, heaven of the earth (Jannat). So Patnitop is one the snowfalls places of this Jannat where you will feel that you are in heaven and you can touch the clouds is near to Vaishno Devi Mandir which is famed for its divinity and it is recorded for 3 to 4 inches of snow . If you believe in spirituality so this Jammu can give you the experience of snowfalls as well as their connectivity with temples and shopping spots.


At an altitude of 2138 meters, Lava the hill station famed for one of the best snow falls in India, located in West Bengal is gradually becoming favorite place for visitors especially for seekers of snowfalls. And it is famous for its verdant forests spots like picnicking, trekking, and bird watching. The Buddhist monastery is located in one of the lava hills. So if want to have memory for snowfalls with wild life forests and ancient cultures as well .so this place will surely give a best experience of your life.


With the maximum temperature of 23’c(August) and cloudy & rainy weather this place is located in Uttrakhand, known for land of God (Devbhumi) with many hill stations this place will not let go your plan for vacation anywhere else because this place is filled with divinity, hill stations or snowfalls where you can visit throughout the year. For taking the experience of rafting and skiing this is also one of the best places for hill stations or snowfalls. So enjoys this place with your family and friends.

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