Industrial Robotics and Automation Technology are on a continuous chart of advancement. Year by year, the progression is huge and with every passing day, new technology is outdating the previous one. The United States is one of the major developers of robotics and automation technology. In 2018, you can see companies are innovating and simplifying the products for better growth. It is expected that there will be a growth of $4 Billion by 2021 in the robotics company.

Every other day, new robotics and automation companies in US are set up for advanced mechanisation. Majority of the robots are instructed to work car site by Artificial Intelligence and do not need any manual control. Similarly, cars can also work without manual driving. Through AI, scientists are designing cars that can drive on its own following the GPS.

The leading robotics and automation companies are also featured below:

  • Robots for the US Army: Robots were developed for the purpose of U.S. Army and since its development, the robots are earning laurels for the army. It is just like any other human being except for the fact, it’s a robot and requires instructions. It can mop, vacuum or clean gutter effortlessly. It can literally survive among human beings with no discrepancy. The defence and security robot business was sold to a private company in 2016. Since then, it can be seen that these robots are helping in increasing the business.
  • Supersmart AI: Only a few robotics and automation leading companies in US can can take up these projects. Driverless cars are now a reality. People are shifting to AI driverless electric cars from conventional diesel and petrol engines.
  • Many modern robots can be programmed only via an app. It can be programmed to modify its grip or trigger activation just by instructing from the iPad. They can recalibrate without any prosthetics expert. Advanced prosthetics are extremely expensive and can cost the amount of a sports car. However, through artificial intelligence, these robots can work on their own. They do not need any roboticist to control them.
  • Robotic planes were the first unarmed aerial vehicle. It created history by flying without a pilot but however, it had an arrested carrier landing. It was criticised for subsequently aborted landings, but the possibility to fly unarmed was widely appreciated. It also survived carrier crash because of advanced automation and machine intelligence.
  • Humanoid robots are designed in a such a way that they could learn repetitive tasks and work with a human without harming him. It was a lost cost robot who could automate a varied range of assembly tasks. These robots are extremely similar to a human being with respect to physical shape.
  • Robots in the health industry: These robots can detect unhealthy tissues in a human body for identifying cancer. With the narrow beam of radiation, it particularly targets the unhealthy tissue and doesn’t affect the entire body. It helps in treating the untreatable.

The robotics and automation companies in the US are making lives of people simpler and tech-friendly. Citroen C1 Business Contract Hire.

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