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The world is full of amazing and astonishing things but some things just leave a mark on your mind and soul forever. There are some extraordinary timepieces that the world has seen so far that their beauty is a little difficult to explain in words. Still some things beyond appreciation need to get in notice by the world and here are some out of the world beauties that will just boggle your mind away. Have a look:

Midnight Planétarium Watch:

A small planetarium on your wrist enchanting birds and a watch working on the energy of magnetic fields, this is an amazing release that would be appreciated by connoisseurs of high watch making art and just fans of cool intricate mechanisms performing one simple act of telling time.

Van cleef & Arpels are not strictly watchmakers but what they created is more than just a watch. The midnight planetarium watch is made of pink gold, turquoise, serpentine, jasper, agate, psycho light, chlorella night aventurine and it’s priced just a swooping 245 thousand dollars, that is, Rs.1, 76, 98,800 only. Considered as the most beautiful men’s watch of all time, this timepiece works on a mechanical module and shows the motion of six planets in the solar system. They are located on the dial of the watch. Time is shown by a falling star moving along the 24-hour scale. You can even set a memorable date on the watch. This watch is something beyond words and only the richest of the rich can think of owning it. A masterpiece in its own, this alluring beauty is literally out of the world.

Jaquet Droz The Charming Bird Automaton Watch:

There is an interpretation of the legendary dial in which the symbol of infinity is incarnated. The top part of the eight is designed to display time with hour and minute hand. In the dome of sapphire glass with a touching automatic winding mechanism in the form of a singing bird, it’s no surprise that this men’s watch received the name “magic bird”.  The tiny singing bird on the watch is really a special kind of watch making art and the price of over 525 thousand dollar, that is, a splendid, Rs. 3, 78, 53,760. With a fully hand-engraved and hand-painted dial and automats with an animation of the birds, this extraordinary piece of art is extremely unique and one of its kind.

The Lady Arpels Poetic Wish Watch and The Midnight Poetic Wish Watch:

Born out of a love story, Van Cleef & Arpels has always paid homage to beautiful romances. The tradition continues in watches whose dials bring the fairytale world of the jeweler to life. It offers an incredible men’s watch and women’s watch to complement each other. It depicts a young woman on the Eiffel Tower watching a kite pass by symbolizing luck. She wishes to be reunited with her lover forever. Whereas, the midnight poetic wish men’s watch appropriately depicts night scenery in Paris and a young man who is standing at the top of Notre-dame Cathedral looking at the Eiffel Tower where his lover stands. Both the watches are in a relation to each other as if complimenting and completing each other. The price of these watches together is $1,000,000, that is, Rs.7, 22, 40,000.

Astronomia Tourbillon by Jacob and Company:

This astronomic watch by Jacob and Company is so amazing that you won’t be able to take your eyes of it. Combining the highest level of Swiss timepiece craftsmanship and the horological decorative arts to create a watch that is a poetic visual rendering of the celestial world with every element in constant, visible motion, all under the control of the oscillator at the heart of the three-axis tourbillon with an orbital display of the hours and minutes, this beauty is beyond explanation. 1 carat diamond representing the moon, the model of earth is made of white gold and the magnificent blue dial symbolizes the ocean. Costing 1.1 million dollars and in INR, Rs. 7, 94, 64,000, this superlative masterpiece is out of the world.


These are some of the many watches that will just leave you stunned and mesmerized throughout your life. These beauties are something which is hard to explain. These exquisite timepieces have so much more to them than simply showing time and, like a good whiskey, they will increase in value over time.

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