As you would agree that for every job there is a right kind of tool, there are also right kinds of flowers for every occasion. You might not think much about them, the type and the colour of a flower has a lot of inner meaning. Giving the wrong kind of flower to someone in a wrong occasion can really create a bad impression and also might hurt someone’s feelings such as in case of funerals, when people are already quite emotional. Different colours of the same flower can also symbolise different kinds of feelings.

Thus if you don’t know much about them, you should do a little research before buying random flowers from your florist and giving them to people. Instead of going to your local florist you can also opt to have online flower delivery in Jaipur. For better understanding the types of flowers and their appropriateness in occasions you can read the list given below.


First dates are quite an important event. You have to create a good impression on the other person’s mind. So you should not get flowers that are too overwhelming.  Flowers like orchids, tulips and dandelions are easy going ones which are perfect for showing your interest towards your new object of affection. If you both have been going steady for a while now, then you can go for the traditional red rose.

Valentine’s Day

This is the perfect occasion for getting those beautiful roses to the person you love. A bouquet made if roses of different shades such as red, pink and yellow is a great option. Red roses express love; pink roses express elegance; and yellow ones express joy. But you should avoid getting only yellow roses, as they alone are a sign of friendship and not love. Purple roses are great for a budding romance as they show enchantment between the couple. If not roses, then pink tulips can also be used for expressing love on Valentine’s Day.Birthday Party Planners in Noida


For anniversaries, seasonal flowers are the best thing as they remind the couple of the time they got together. Anniversaries in the spring can be celebrated by giving delicate flowers like cherry blossom, peach blossom and peony. Bright and vibrant flowers are good for summer anniversaries like a bouquet made of bright sunflowers, or a bunch of pink or golden roses. But keep in mind that you should not get yellow carnations as they represent disappointment. Flowers colours in the fall are darker but also rich, like the lily. Orchids, pansies, chrysanthemums are good for winter.


You will find yellow day lilies in a lot of funerals as it represents the soul of a person leaving their body. Blooming chrysanthemums are also widely used in case of funerals, mostly in Japan and the European countries. But in other places like the United States and the Great Britain they symbolise rebirth and longevity. Colours like white, green and blue can be used as they symbolise calmness and peace. Don’t get flowers in red or white as instead of symbolising mourning they represent celebration.

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